Do you want to have an easy access to almost all features of your Windows 7 (buy Windows 7 key) and can customize it to your needs? All you have to activate the so-called object hidden in the system.

Configuration folder in the specific  Windows versions

In this post we present how to create a Windows 7 special folder, which becomes the object of providing access to most of the system configuration settings. This trick works in 32-bit and 64 – bit Windows 7, but not only. Users of 32-bit Windows Vista also can create on your system, such an object (the same way). But be careful! Absolutely do not use the trick described by us in the 64 – bit version of Windows Vista (regardless of whether it’s Home Premium edition and Ultimate). An attempt to create a special folder configuration on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista will be the inability to restart the system in normal mode. You will need to run the recovery console and manually remove object added to the system.

The configuration options of Windows you normally access the control panel. In Windows 7 (and in some versions of Windows Vista – see the box “configuration folder in Windows versions”), you can access even hundreds of settings by manually activated object. This is a special folder in which you are placed useful tasks, enabling affect the operation of the system and adapt it to your specific needs.

First, we will show you how to create such an object in the system. Then, we will present some examples of its use.

Create a “Superadmin” folder in Windows 7

Before going on to discuss the various configuration options The Windows 7, useful in their daily work, we show an undocumented trick. It allows you create in the place where you have easy access to almost all the options and configuration settings. Facilitating access to various parameters is so large that this trick is called “immortality” in Windows 7 (with English GodMode – analogous to a special mode activated in popular 3D computer games with which the player gets “immortality”, and often a set of additional “power”). Here we show you how to create the said configuration module for desktop Windows 7.

1.We assume that the Windows 7 system is running. Right-click a blank area of ​​the desktop and the context menu, select New and Folder.

2.On the desktop, there is a new folder – name field is active (you can edit the name). Enter the following string: SuperAdmin. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and press [Enter].


3.Appearance of the object changes. Instead of the standard icon new folder icon will be reminiscent of a miniature steering console, with a long name that you just entered, it will remain only refund SuperAdmin.


4.Return SuperAdmin., Which is part of a longer string from step 2, became the name of the new object added to the system. If you do not like the name proposed by us, you can replace it with any other. Just remember that the name must be followed by a period, a string enclosed in, can not be changed.

5.Double-click the new object SuperAdmin. A window will open: SuperAdmin a list of hundreds of tasks are grouped into categories. The remainder of this article will present some useful tips related to the daily work settings, which you can make with the newly created object in the system.

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