Microsoft makes all wait for the official upgrade to Windows 8.1, and in the meantime the installation images circulate the English version of the web. Interestingly, the new window you can activate the key of “eights”!

A few days ago, Microsoft officially announced the end of the work on Windows 8.1, and a new “window” gained the status of RTM. He then transferred to the system fell into the hands of OEM partners, but for all will be made until October. This time, Microsoft has decided not to make exceptions and subscribers to TechNet and MSDN programs also asks to wait until the official release. And that will be held on October 18.

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However, as usually happens in such cases, the new window is in the finished leaked to the network shortly after I gave them the Microsoft OEM partners. Interestingly, this time it actually took place in quick time. In just a few hours after the announcement of the status of RTM ISO images from a Chinese language version appeared on private servers, and later on torrents. Now turn to the network leaked the English-language version of Windows 8.1. Both images are running 32 – and 64-bit. Currently, images can be downloaded from private servers (please, do not ask why), but today probably will appear on the pages of torrents.

Those who downloaded the system indicate that Windows 8.1 can activate exactly the same key as “figure-eight”. In principle, this should not surprise anyone, since Windows 8.1 for Windows 8 will be a free update that will not require re-activation. Thus, activation keys have not changed.

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Perhaps you are wondering if it’s worth now download Windows 8.1 network and install new windows? This is certainly not a good idea, and it’s at least a few different reasons. Let’s start with the fact that the ISO images circulating on the network can be modified and infected with malicious code. Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 is available for subscribers of the system, and therefore do not have the opportunity to compare the checksums of those that normally would be provided on the download page TechNet (at that address) or MSDN. In this way, so buy a pig in a poke.

Another major drawback, which may arise as a result of installing Windows 8.1 today is the lack of technical support. In case of any problems, Microsoft will not help you. Warranty service or tablet computer manufacturer also will not do when it finds the presence of an unauthorized version. Support for Windows 8.1 will start only in October, on the day of the official release. In the worst case, you must also take into account the potential loss of license for Windows 8 in the case of using a key to activate the system, which is not generally available.


New windows significantly strengthened its own position in the market for operating systems, but Windows 7, and the aged XP still very them away.

Net Applications reports that Windows 8 has strengthened in the August position in the market of operating systems by over 2% and now boasts a result at the level of 7.41%. The jump was big, but … to be completely happy still far away.

The leader of the market system is Windows 7, which in August also appreciated (less than 1.5%) and is currently used on over 45% of all computers. The second item is a 12-year-old Windows XP, which is still on a third computer in the world. Windows Vista also slightly decreased and is now at 4.11% machines.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning alternate operating systems. The share of Linux is currently 1.52%, and OS X has a 7.28% share in the market. Thus, under the control of all versions of Windows still runs more than 91% of all computers in the world.