On the one hand, it seems that the solution to make life easier for computer users. On the other, it can be a hassle. Why?

Already half a year ago, there were reports that Microsoft plans to integrate with Windows 8 new solutions, which are primarily to prevent piraceniu windows. Speaking about the mechanism of OA (OEM Activation) with number 3.0, which is the version of Windows 7 (OA 2.1) lived to see many improvements. And so it happened, as the new OA is actually integrated with Windows 8 and, interestingly, removes the requirement to use the product key in the form of stickers on the computer chassis.

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Together with OA 3.0 Microsoft gave OEMs the opportunity to sewing product keys directly in the BIOS, or basic input and output software computers. The advantages resulting from the fact there are several. First disappear aforementioned requirement to use stickers with product keys. These often clash (typically applies to laptops that often move) and sometimes id just becomes unreadable. Then the problem arises when you try to reinstall the system from a different media (or partition recovery) than provided by the manufacturer. Second, mend key in the BIOS makes Windows 8 (regardless of the installation media) can always read it yourself. So we do not need to enter a 25-character identifier, which is quite tedious.

However, there is also a problem. Namely, suppose you have an OEM version of Windows 8, and, for example, you want to install the Pro version of the system that you have purchased in the form of an update. On the Microsoft Answers forums already appeared queries relating to the present case. Does the system does not try to read the product key from the BIOS and will not allow us to bring new? Microsoft so far is silent on the subject, and in those threads do not appear response company representatives. So now we do not know how to keep a similar situation to the Windows installer 8 Of course omit the fact that damage to the motherboard automatically makes our identification is lost forever. It was then that awaits us tedious process associated with getting a new key, and to this end we have to smile at the hardware manufacturer.

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Microsoft has a new solution to the fight against piracy. Although in this respect seems to be sensowym solution to the Redmond giant, and so could not avoid mishaps. A few days ago we mentioned to you that the gap in to activate Windows 8 allows pirates to “legalize” the pirate version of a free module keys to Windows Media Center, which until January 31 each you can get both a pirate and a person with legitimate Windows.